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Thao Nguyen gift 

Professional gift solutions for all business sectors in Vietnam


ince 2007, Thao Nguyen Gift Solutions has been recognized for its expertise in providing the best quality gift services to customers and their gift recipients. Thao Nguyen is a supplier of all types of gifts. gifts and accessories for events. We specialize in designing and manufacturing gift products that are often in your plans. Our products have reasonable prices, good quality and unique style. Always practical, never dull.


ach premium gift not only reflects your brand image and values, but also ensures a memorable experience for you and your customers. We can help you advise on products that suit your requirements and design the final logo. Go deeper to check out the gifts.



Idea from matchbox

Message matchbox – Write your own message.

Match Box Design is quite familiar to young people, no longer simply a game but has been elevated to an art. But of course, it must be beautiful and creative. Have you ever received beautiful matchboxes from friends, with a piece of paper stuck on top, or a movie poster, or the lyrics of a commemorative song that made you scream with excitement?
Now this hobby has become a business opportunity for creative and skillful Vietnamese young people. If not, you can still make your own matchbox with your mark to send cute messages.

Thao Nguyen’s story

Start a business with lighters.


ear 2007 . Thao Nguyen officially opened for business. The first item is the bonfires.


n 2009, due to customer demand, we need many items to diversify our gift products. Therefore, Thao Nguyen must always learn and find many sources of goods to enrich the gift industry and meet all the needs of each customer.


p to now, 2024 Thao Nguyen has perfected the supply of gifts of all kinds from elementary – intermediate and high-end. Especially specializing in product consulting and logo design without charge. Thao Nguyen’s work: Consulting – Logo design – Printing logo on all materials & providing all gift items as requested for each different customer.

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Logo được thiết kế mang phong riêng và được in ấn trên mọi vật phẩm có giá trị , làm tăng sự thành côngtrong kinh doanh của bạn .

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Quà tặng khách hàng VIP

Logo được thiết kế mang phong riêng và được in ấn trên thường những sản phẩm công nghệ , làm tăng sự đẳng cấp của món quà khi bạn là người tặng .

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Quà tặng khuyến mãi

Logo được thiết kế mang phong riêng và được in ấn trên mọi vật phẩm có giá trị, làm tăng sự nhận diện thương hiệu của công ty thành công trong kinhdoanh của bạn .

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